It’s Today!!!

Well today is the day, albeit 1240 am on said day. I have just finished packing with the help my loving family and one very special friend, Rachel. I want to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and family for their love and support, and ass kicking to help me stay on track […]

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The End…???

The End..???   So we are nearing the end. School is over.   I truly do not understand how 10 months went by so fast. So much has happened this year and it has been an incredible, unforgettable experience.   I have made some amazing friends that I have started saying goodbye to and it’s […]

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Dead Sea Day!!!

  So the day has finally arrived! The day to go to Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea!   Today started with a bright and early wakeup call at 5:55am to be on time for our “6:30am” departure time (quotes because we never leave on time…). By some miracle Kate and I were ready in […]

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Venice part 1

Part 1: Venice So yesterday started bright and early at 230am to get to the airport for the first leg of my journey to Turkey. Me being the punctual Canadian I am, I ended up being to early to check my bags…. Anywhere, once I got through security (and had the my final aroma for […]

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Break Again!!!

Break time!   Hello again!   It has definitely been a while this time.   A lot has happened over the last several weeks!   Last week I got to spend an informative week with the Masa Leadership Accelerator learning about adaptive leadership. We learned about adaptive leadership and got to take it from a […]

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Educational Sunday!

Today was a very educational day. I think it was one of the most thought provoking days I have had in a long time. Today we discussed and saw the effects of a very controversial issue, the Arab-Israeli Conflict.   We went to Jerusalem and the surrounding important areas in order to understand and see […]

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Pur pur PURIM!!!!

Purim in Israel is amazing!!! I think it was one of the most fun experiences so far!   On Thursday I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Jerusalem with a couple friends. I was really excited because I heard that there is nothing like Purim in Jerusalem.   Sooo Holly and I […]

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It’s Just the Beginning

Well it’s that time of year here in Israel! It’s PURIM time!   I am so excited that I get to spend this holiday here! I used to love Purim as a child, dressing up like Queen Esther and of course the school carnival. But, whatever I did at home has already been matched here […]

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Learning awaits…

So February is going along quite fast as it usually does.   My birthday is tomorrow which is crazy!!! I remember thinking how far away it was in September when we first got here. Last Saturday I went out with my roommates for my birthday which was awesome. I love those girls and I’m happy […]

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Major Catch Up!

Major Catch Up!!!   Well it has been a while but not a lot has happened.   Just a little bit about my last couple of days on vacation. So, I left off with me getting ready to leave for the airport. The flight to Bulgaria was perfectly fine, nothing special. It was very quaint […]

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